bilde1_lite.jpgWelcome to and our site on the Internet, which is meant to be enlightening both to the local population and to guests. Vi will add information as it comes to us. You will find an activity-calendar and a ôbreaking newsö- section where you will find updated information. If you have any special subjects you want us to print, please contact us on our e-mail address Kjerring°y is a small village in Nordland about 40 km. North of Bod°, and is part of Bod° Local Community. In the period of 1906-1964, Kjerring°y was a local community of itĺs own. We have approximately 300 inhabitants.
Kjerring°y is well known for very beautiful and varied scenery, the well kept old trading centre, an active population and a wide aspect of societies. Every other year the so-called Kjerring°y-days are arranged.
The landscape, and especially the old trading centre, has been used as background in several movies.

Kjerring°y achieved a European village-development price in the year 2000.
The possibilities for fishing and outdoor life are good the whole year through. The village do have a postal-function, general store, school for pupils up to 16 years old, kindergarten and a spare-time arrangement for kids who donĺt get their parents home before they have finished school. The distance to Bod° allows the possibility of working in the city, and get back again in a reasonable hour.

There is a ferry and the boat takes approximately 10 minutes.
We are occupied with the idea of having people visit us, yes, even move here. Our vision is to get the population up to 400 by the end of 2010.